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I am not pathetic.
I’m not some sad
Mopey girl who keeps
Wondering why
No man asks her out
Or even gives her a wink.
I am not pathetic.
Society can tell me
I’m a prude,
But if I wasn’t this way
They would call me
A slut, I can’t win.
I am not pathetic.
I create beauty from that
Which lies deep in my soul,
Slumbering until the right
Moment arises to reveal
The mysteries of
The universe.
I am not pathetic.
I am stronger than I seem,
Kind beyond belief,
A heart of gold and glass,
A smile to conceal the tears.
I am not pathetic.
I will wait for love
To hit me hard in the gut
And not chase after
Unworthy partners, because
I have priorities and family
And friends, and they love me.
I have so much to experience
And dreams to accomplish,
That I wait for the one
Who will stand by those dreams
And not impose his own
And make me


Sound haiku

Words can destroy and
Words can heal, but sometimes the
Silence is enough



We need Kali to rise
To punish those who
Dare raise a hand or weapon
To the innocents,
To destroy those
Who destroy the helpless,
To be merciless to those
Who show themselves ruthless
And to right the wrongs
Of a million criminals.
We need Kali to rise
So that justice can be achieved
For those whose blood has spilt
On the streets of our cities,
So that we can walk freely again
And not fear each other.



I just wish I could go back
To freshman year of college
Life was so simple back then
You’d wake up and go to classes
Come back and do homework
And then read or hang out with friends
And we’d all go to the dinning hall
In a pack of ten or twenty
And put the tables together
And eat and talk with each other
And then we’d hang out in our friends dorm
And study and play cards or sporcle
And the only worry we had
Was making friends.
I wanna go back to when
We’d hang out on the gliders
Or stay in on Friday nights
Playing cards and spoons
Back when there was no drama
Or fear of the future
Everything looked brighter freshman year.
I wanna be that
Sweet innocent girl again
Who new nothing of the world
And walked through the threshold
Of Stanford thinking
“This is what living is,
No parents or grandparents telling you
What you should or shouldn’t do,
I can be whomever I want to be
And do whatever I want to do!”

But now that time has past
Nothing ever lasts
For very long
And now we look ahead
To an uncertain future
Of jobs and graduate school
And the real world
And I’m terrified.
I just wanna
Go back to freshman year,
When things seemed clear
And my friends were there for me
When nothing really mattered
And the bonds we had were strong
And we loved the simplicity.



I love compliments that dont involve physical appearance

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Ranveer Singh: RamLeela Promotions

Self destruct

I hate you.
I hate the way you take
Fifteen shots in a row
And then proceed to vomit
In the nearest toilet.
I hate the way you go through
Four packs a day
And don’t notice the change
In your own voice.
I hate the way you
Snort lines like it’s nothing
And not notice your paranoia
After the fact.
I hate the way you inject
Whatever drug or venom you can find
Into your bloodstream
And pay more attention to the needle
Than your best friends.
I hate the way
You hate yourself
And I hate the ways
You are trying to destroy yourself.
I hate the fact that you hate yourself.
Maybe you think there
Is no other way for you to survive
Than on these crutches
Until those crutches kill you.
Maybe you want to be high
For the rest of your life
Because life isn’t enough for you.
Maybe you just want to die.
I will never know for sure
Because I am not you.

I do not hate you,
I hate myself for thinking
That my own love for you
Would mean something
And perhaps keep you alive.
I hate myself for being selfish
And thinking that you would care
That your suicide would drive me
To jump off the same bridge as you.
I hate myself for becoming so attached
To a dying man
And thinking I could save him
From himself, when really
I can barely save myself.




Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

you know you’ve fucked up when Twilight does something better than you

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